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Truffle Week

Our black truffles – Tuber melanosporumare are coming from La Maison Pébeyre, founded in small village of Southwestern France in 1897. Family-owned and run for now four generations, Pébeyre stands as a reference among all truffle connoisseurs, and has gained an international reputation for exceptional quality.

Truffle Menu is served on 4th – 8th February

Cooperation with

High Five Truffle Menu 69€ 

Organic celeriac & truffle

Veal’s sweetbread, salads from Lindroth garden & truffle

Smoked cod & truffle

Roasted quail, coffee sauce & truffle

Buttermilk panna cotta & fennel lemon sorbet

High Five Truffle Menu VEGE 57 € 

Organic celeriac & truffle

Cabbages, organic egg & truffle

Emo’s truffle risotto

Portobello & truffle hollandaise

Buttermilk panna cotta & fennel lemon sorbet