We take care of your safety

At our restaurant, you are always a welcome guest. We want to make your experience memorable and safe. Naturally, our restaurant is always clean and hygienic, but we are currently paying even more attention than usual to these aspects.

  • We have fewer tables than usual, and we ensure sufficient safety distances.
  • We use face masks in the restaurant and kitchen.
  • We ensure that our customers have access to hand sanitizer everywhere in our restaurant.
  • We clean our restaurant thoroughly every day.
  • We disinfect the surfaces, door handles and doors many times a day. We disinfect the payment terminals after each transaction.
  • We keep our kitchen surfaces clean at all times.
  • We wash our hands regularly throughout the shift.
  • We wear protective gloves in the kitchen and change them after each work phase.
  • We only come to work if we are healthy and without symptoms. We also stay home if someone close to us has fallen ill.
  • We’re leaving handshakes and hugs for safer times.

Please ensure that you’re healthy before visiting us. You can always reschedule your reservation if necessary.

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