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  • Lunch Mon - Fri 11:30 – 15:00
  • Dinner Mon - Fri 17:00 – 24:00
  • Saturday 16:00 – 24:00

Our Cocktail Bar

Our cozy bar area is open for a drink only! Grab a cocktail or try some of our wines even you are not dining. The wine list is personal, effortless and full of our favourites. Handcraft cocktails are designed by Emo´s bar manager Victoria. Ingredients we use are always fresh and follow seasonal changes. We know classic cocktails well and house cocktail list changes from season to another. Mocktails and non-alcoholic options available also.
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Ex on the Beach
Reyka Vodka, Martini Fiero, Peach, Cranberry, Lemon
Whiskey Pearing
Johnnie Walker Black Label, Pear, Lime, Soda
Hendrick’s Gin, Aperol, Blood Orange Cointreau, Lemon
50/Fifty on the Block
Bacardi Cuatro, Orange Shrub, Lemon
Fire Burning on the Dance Floor
Tanquerey Gin, Chartreuse Verte, Fennel, Lime
Green Fairy’s Whisper
Cynar, Limoncello, Absinthe, Lemon
Campari, Antica Formula, Bulleit Rye
Espresso Martini
Grey Goose, Cafe Borghetti, Shot of Espresso
Irish Coffee
Tullamore DEW, Coffee, Cream

We also serve mocktails