The Story of Emo

“We were on holiday in Madeira together with the family. When we walked to the fish harbour, we got to be a bit behind with my youngest son Axel. He picked up a beautiful egg-shaped stone, which he showed me.

I took it into my hand and at the same moment I decided that my next restaurant should be named Emo.  Emo is one of the words for mother in Finnish. The aesthetics of an egg is the greatest in the world, the egg is just gorgeous in all its symbolism. It describes the start, as well as maternal and emotional feelings.

Our restaurant Olo was just about to move from Kasarmikatu besides the Market Square and the plans for another restaurant were ready made in my mind.  In August 2013, we were just experiencing the busiest launching time of the new Olo, but we still opened Emo, within a month, in the old facilities of Olo.

We wanted to create Emo to be a restaurant that brings diverse people together to enjoy high quality but still relaxed food. For us the craftsmanship of food is very important. Emo is the little sister of restaurant Olo, and responsible of the food in the restaurant is the skilful chef Ilkka Lääveri.

I am really happy that our a few year old restaurant has already been awarded a couple of times. We have received the Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand rating that is provided for restaurants with excellent food for affordable prices. Emo also rose in the White Guide listing to be among the best restaurants in the Nordics. In Finland we are among the ten best ones.

Our love for high quality but relaxed food has thus proven to be successful.

That is just great!

Restaurateur Pekka Terävä

Ilkka Ja Pekka